Our Mission Statement

Solix Charitable Trust is an international organization of Charitable & Philanthropic People whose mission is to follow our Creators and Ancient Enlightened Forefathers Enlightened Guidance and Directions in working with the not so well off and privileged humans globally, to seek justice and bear witness to the good news of our Creator.

We pursue this mission through integrated, holistic commitments as same are set out in the Declaration of Trust of Solix Charitable Trust.

For your donations to reach the Solix Charitable Trust Bank Account, please see the Solix Bank & Bank Account information set out herein.

[email protected]


Your donation to the Solix Charitable Trust is a voluntary act on your part, and following the clearance of your donation via / from the banking system, your donation will be organized to be utilized in the normal course, as if though you are, and have been present in the premises of Solix Charitable Trust’s premises, and have made the donation being physically present, and having physically input your credit / debit card into the Solix Charitable Trust’s Merchant Settlement System interface. This means that, any and all other possible options that may be outlined in the Credit / Debit Card User Agreement, vis a vis contactless / internet purchases / donations that you might have with your noted issuing bank having issued the said card to you with which you have made your donation : will not apply to your “contactless donation to Solix Charitable Trust” given that, Solix Charitable Trust has received in Good Faith your donation, and after the said timeline of seven days, it has proceeded to program / utilize the said funds in the normal course of its operational modus operandi, plans, and works.

Respectfully Submitted
1st, January, 2013.
Solix Charitable Trust.

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Dear Friends,

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kind donation.

We assure you that your donation will be utilised in the manner set out in our Trust Declaration.

Should you have any preferences as to where, specifically, you might wish to direct any part of your donation, please inform us via our email address, and your wishes will be honoured all being equal.

Your donation is received in Good Faith, and within the first week of its receipt it is being organized for its further Charitable & Philanthropic Best Uses.

And, should you wish to make repeated donations, please inform us in writing, and we may organize that such are made in the timelines that you chose, on the timelines you chose.

Many Thanks,

J. Stephen Robinson & John Q. McMillan.
Solix Charitable Trust.
1, January, 2013.